Should you decide to drop us your CV, some code sample along with it will be appreciated.

Seize the opportunity to work on most sophisticated and inspirational projects in your career.

Working Environment & Benefits
Our headquarters is located on 20th floor featuring beautiful view over city center, free sweets, coffee and some smart people as a bonus to all that.

  • competitive salary
  • flexible working schedule
  • medical insurance
  • gym memberships
  • bureaucracy-free environment
  • state-of-the-art workplace with powerful pc and dual monitor set-up
  • some heavy partying upon product launch or/and significant milestone completion

Other Important Notes
You may wanna take a look at the list of technologies that we use. If you are good at either one or all of them, you do stand a chance of working at our humble company. It is possible to switch between projects and/or technologies once you get tired or bored of one*.

When Applying
It’s important to understand that you do not have to meet all the requirements listed in actual job positions (see menu ↑) in order to join our team. All you need is to be really passionate, smart and eager to learn. We believe the rest will come.

  • don't forget to tell us how cool and awesome you are
  • hobby-projects count
  • code samples/github links would be nice

Drop us a line at to apply or if you have anything else to say.

* - we don't have boring projects though :)

You will be in charge of development of innovative framework which is a base for all our desktop products. Featuring beautifully designed UI elements and concepts, carefully crafted UX, which focuses on visual simplicity and application responsiveness, the framework is a pleasure to work with and design.

You’ll be on an honorable quest of bringing the beauty back to Windows apps.


  • strong knowledge of C++
  • sufficient experience building GUI applications under Windows using C++
  • strong knowledge of Win architecture and internals in regards to UI
  • Qt or/and wxWidgets experience are bonus skills to have
  • good math, algorithms, DirectX/OpenGL knowledge is a plus
  • must possess the force

You will be developing the client side library/API that comes as a redistributable package and which job’s to provide access for 3rd party and our own apps to our cloud storage service and messaging platform.

The challenge is in achieving tight but transparent integration with the OS and also giving developers the fullest possible set of “cloud” tools to utilize in their apps.


  • perfection at C/C++, some knowledge of asm
  • experience developing low-level stuff for Win (drivers, sniffers, hacking skills’ a plus) and other OS’es
  • good knowledge of Win and *nix internals and architecture in regards to device drivers, filesystems and memory management
  • strong knowledge of networking technologies
  • experience working with highly distributed systems, messaging and RPC

You will be developing various components of large distributed storage cloud system. No EE stuff. No GUI stuff. The closest analog to what we’re doing here is Amazon S3 and Amazon Simple Notification Service.


  • strong knowledge of "core java"
  • concurrency, understanding how threads work on *nix systems
  • actual experience developing highly distributed fault-tolerant systems
  • knowledge of L4-7 network protocols, linux archetecture and filesystems’ design
  • understading of JRE/javac internals

Bonus skills to have:

  • experience with large sets of data (including "hot" in-memory sets)
  • experience with Apache Hadoop stack of technologies (Hbase, HDFS)
  • knowledge of JNA/JNI
  • C/C++ knowledge

You will be involved in the same projects as our Java Gurus are and eventually gain knowledge they have.

In order to qualify you must:

  • have an ability and be eager to learn
  • not be afraid of complicated tasks that may seem* unsolveable
  • ability to fall in love with what you do
  • never give up

Bonus skills:

  • good knowledge of Java and C++
  • understading how distributed sytems should be build
  • any experience with anything close to what we do

* and in fact be