We are a relatively young and extremely skilled team of highly motivated professionals on a quest to conquer the world. Most of us started out in IT when we were 12 and been passionate about what we do since then. As a structure, we are self-funded and well organized company with distinct vision:

  • innovative projects: we solve problems that have not been solved before in and elegant and creative way
  • highly focused on user experience
  • we like efficient software that does not consume unnecessary resources and scales well
  • our business, as any business should be, is money oriented: we do not release products that in fact nobody wants or needs, we don't like the "advertise & monetize" approach either
  • we are true perfectionists

In a nutshell, we aim to deliver absolute best products in niches that are of interest to us, feel free to try and join us on our journey

BTW, the name “HamsterCoders” was never meant to make any sense at all.